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but she reportedly stabbed her seven year-old child 100 times and she then turned on the five year-old she was babysitting tonight police and prosecutors trying to understand this terror. it is our top story seen or round the country tonight on wgn america. good evening to the both of you the 40 year-old mother on suicide watch sitting in jail tonight with no bond there was no history of violence and no previous abreast police are trying to figure out
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what made her snapped naperville police calling it one of the worst most brutal scenes they have witnessed. she made both victims neil and begin prying, she began stabbing her son justin and told him he was going to happen tonight. prosecutors detail what tonight is hard to imagine for so many a mother inside this naperville home accused of stabbing and killing her seven year-old son and then turning to a five year-old girl she was babysitting and stabbing her at least 50 times those children begging for their lives as it was happening why she did police heard a long list of reasons from the 40 year-old she changed her story again and stated that she in fact had stabbed both victims because they were poisoned by society and to did not listen like they should have, in cleaning lady first said that someone broke into the home and committed the crime then said she heard demonic voices voicing herforcing
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her to kill the children but she admitted in a videotaped confession that it was a fight with her husband that may have led her to do it. she said she wanted to make her husband hurt the way she heard in her relationship upset about not being able to return to her native poland and trust and a truck driver not spending enough time with her before police discovered the body tuesday night they had taken the children here to st. elizabeth's church then returned to the town home and according to police committed a brutal crime. as you could imagine as shementioned this was a horrific crime scene. after the murders police say she drove to another home not too far away and called 911 saying that a stalker was hospitalresponsible. as
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far as the husband the associated press spoke with him recently and a day earlier she told him that she loved him. after hearing police explain the mother's reasoning today dan ponce joining us live tonight. details of this gruesome double homicide shocking the entire naperville community throughout the day we have learned about these two young victims justin in bolivia they were unrelated but they certainly spent a lot of time together and they both loved thai corn doughtae kwon doe. thai corn dough instructorhis instructor says
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he was a standout student who was close to earning his black belt. and he just loved doing it and he was good at it. police say justin was stabbed an estimated 100 times by his own mother before she killed five year-old olivia a girl she had been babysitting olivia was also a martial arts student who worked with the same teacher. losing a student is tough because my whole purpose was to see people grow and become better each and every day. a memorial for the victims outside the crime scene continues to grow into the community struggles to understand how this could have happened. this is stuff you read about, this is not stuff that happens here. they're doing their best to comfort each other
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and trying to figure out how to explain what happened to young children. >> printed god for peace of the children, for understanding this is hard for them to comprehend just horrible things can happen. >> the seven year-old victim justin was a student at scott elementary district to 04 is spokesperson says he was a well loved high-energy boy who will be greatly missed, the school is planning a celebration of his life next week, funeral orations for both the victims are pending. >> a downtown chicago hotel facing a wrongful death lawsuit in connection with the outbreak of legionnaires' disease the lawsuit filed on behalf of an irish tourist that died in august says that the 56 year-old was dining at the j.w. marriott
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hotel and tea in held dangerous water vapors apparently contaminated with the legionella bacteria it was found in the decorative fountains in the main lobby also found in the hotel's pool spa, a whirlpool and locker room. >> nearly 100 chicago firefighters graduated today applicants from the controversy all entrance exam given in 1995 are among the thousands of african american applicants bypassed by discriminatory practices but today the city close another chapter on discrimination. we should protected from discrimination the heroes that protect us from harm. their
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compensating the thousands of african-americans discriminated against as they tried to become chicago fire fighters. the northeast slowly pushing ahead with a slow recovery efforts it may be too slow for many. many are pleading with the government to speed up the process no electricity, lines for gasoline are long stretching for miles waiting for three hours in some cases to fill up the tank, 88 people were killed. plenty of sunshine but it's not getting any warmer. we could see temperatures drop even more this weekend. also political gamesmanship over a powerful state position, how emanuel got outplayed by gov. quinn and unbelievable photographs of a jeep trying to cross the u.s.-
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. roker cops above the law these allegations were filed by a bunch of cover up officers. you say there were constantly harassed they should leave their jobs because their career in law enforcement was over, they claimed it was in retaliation. >> a couple of veteran undercover officers who claimed they did their jobs all too well and paid the price now they are suing clamming ongoing harassment from their fellow cops in supervisors widespread abuse of police power. we death threats from people of the highest level of the chicago police department. it's truly a despicable case their lawsuit names the city all the way up to the level of deputy chief the claim that while working undercover investigating allegations of corruption against other cops they founded, police directly
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involved in a drug train being paid to look the other way like in the well-publicized mahomet case a veteran tactical officer who admitted shaking down drug dealers for cash some of them it turned out were working for the fbi police officer say when they did their job uncovering cops turned criminals they were not lauded for instead it recognized with threats of retaliation. i believe likethat officers like myself and my partner were doing the right thing. the suit is the same code of silence we have been hearing about evers since the anthony about tace story broke the cop convicted of an off-duty drunken beating of a tiny female bartender the same
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deputy superintendent who just testified there his knee began this time. we were working on an actual investigation on covering corruption in his department. we broke the code of silence that's why it's built over the officers claim that misconduct is a way of doing business to the chicago police department they are seeking over half a million dollars in damages. they say they have not been served with the lawsuit yet so no comments at least for right now. the white sox ball park responsible for millions of your tax dollars, kelly craft chief spokesperson for governor pat quinn controversial in no small part because of questions about her own finances. a close vote for-3 after a male world
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appointee was displaced by the governor mayor emanuel wanted diana ferguson as a top job eminently qualified the former cfo of chicago public schools. it's a decision will have to stay with for a very very long time they are blasting the decision saying: we do not have a multibillion- dollar operation here. it's still necessary to do an excellent job. we already have a
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chief financial officer there we have an attorney there we have financial experts on the board so for the executive director to guide the board and use some of the skills that i have this is the government agency that runs the cell and the answers to taxpayers its incoming executive director admits to personal financial problems a 2009 bankruptcy first reported by the chicago tribune. working to manage and prepare illinois nearly $60 billion budget helping to reduce the state's discretionary spending or past problems simply not relevant. i had a personal situation i went through years ago and i have moved forward from that. the mayor
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craft starts her new job next week. senator mark kirk has been out of the public eye he did release some video upstate's demonstratingvideo demonstrating his progress. still ahead the race for president kicked back into high gear after spending a few days rallying support after the super storm. [ female announcer ] with swiffer dusters a great clean doesn't have to take longer. i'm done. i'm gonna read one of these. i'm gonna read one of these! [ female
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happier than gallagher at a farmers' market. get happy. get geico. yet another visit up north president obama in green bay back on the campaign trail after dealing with hurricane sandy and a last-minute blitz before next tuesday's election telling supporters in green bay that republicans are counting on their cynicism towards the pace of progress in washington and says that his economic plan has been tried in the past and failed. >> governor romney has used all of his talents as a salesman to dress up these very same policies that failed our country so badly, the very same policies we have been cleaning up after for the last four years. and he is offering them
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up as change. >> romney sayshitting battleground states as well today he is continuing to hammer the president on the economy and said that obama hasn't managed to turn things around over the last four years and romney says it's time to give someone with economic experience a shot at running things. attacking me does not make an agenda it doesn't get people back to work. we don't need a secretary of business to understand business we need a president who understands business and i do. he went on to say he knows the president's supporters are chanting for more years in t. has a new chance, five more days. the highest ranking penn
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state official to be charged in what the state attorney general says was a conspiracy of silence covering up the sex abuse in the rape from the former football coach gerry sandusky to other officials into the former athletic director gary schulz also reviewed those charges today. three powerful and influential men who helped position at the very top of one of the most prestigious universities in the nation three men who used their position in the state to conceal and cover- up for years the activities of a known child predator. he is now ready maximum security prison in protective custody where he will remain because of his notoriety he maintains his innocence and is appealing the case. the u.s.
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border patrol says the group of men piled into this jeep tried to jump a fence along the indianamexico and u.s. border. agents chased him back into mexico the jeep into the rams have been confiscated. coming up more fallout from the deadly meningitis outbreak how could create drug shortage and almost killed during an accident on their farm neighbors are pitching in to help a friend in need.
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in medical watch tonight a huge recall that could create a shortage of some drugs including injectable or intravenous medications. the sister company the pharmacy linked to the meningitis outbreak that killed 29 people
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in the u.s. voluntarily recalling all of its products they said it's not received any supports that they had adverse reactions to the product they're recalling but the fda is asking them to approve their testing privacies. one in eight to expand and mothers taking anti- depressant but it's long been known by new research suggests that taking these medications during pregnancy may raise safety concerns, the author says a ridge of complications arise with taking these during pregnancy but other experts are concerned that it does not address their risk of not treating women with the impression they say the benefits of treatment always the risk cool and getting cooler. tom
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skilling tells us about his forecast. hi, i'm amy for downy
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we're going to warm up by the end of next week. tom the gibbon was putting up with this the other night on the indiana shoreline. then they were awfully close to this wave here i am very glad that everyone is safe. and poll sent us these beautiful shots not far from whitefish point isn't that gorgeous? in nice change of
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pace the deciduous has fallen. this is the time of year when we start getting cooler and we have been below normal seven consecutive days with a mix of clouds that are starting to break up tonight. that will allow the coldest night here in almost eight months. we have nearly five hours 293 minutes to be precise so you put those together in what happens is a big dome of cold air starts developing north that can penetrate south. we're going to get a disturbance off of the pacific that's the one that
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brings us clouds later tomorrow but more likely tomorrow night into saturday. it is cool out there now we are at 46 in chicago. get a little closer to the city and the warmth of the city and the water. blue island and lincoln park and 43 ad features. 43 at kenosha. that is the view from harvard. winds are light certainly lighter than they have been. you'll also see
9:32 pm
a big ridge developing and that's where this becomes rather troublesome. we are not going to get snow out of this but we will turn cloudy. on sunday another
9:33 pm
wave comes in here. here is where the snow will be accumulating. there is the advisory for snow up north. by the way we do see some snow and the month of november. we are up
9:34 pm
to tuesday of next week and then watch what happens, this thing comes up the coast these are winds blowing right into the shoreline that have been so hard hit by sandy. there are multiple models doing this already. it could affect the southeast toward election day so that could be very interesting. it could affect the internal east coast. we expect a 35 at o'hare field tonight. a high of just 50 tomorrow late northwest winds.
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the clocks go back to o'clock on sunday. and we are going to get a caller in. absolutely to in the morning so we have you on time. a near dead accident left a farmer on able to collect money. it's really hard to look
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a bright light shines in a small farming community 55 mi. northwest of chicago their corn is king especially this time of year. if farmers in wisconsin nearly lost his life and everything was restored to the act of one family with a huge deed. his life will never be the same nothing was put in place until a tragic farmer accident
9:39 pm
left him physically changed not too far after it changed him emotionally to a simple story with a big lesson one that we can all draw from. and farmers gather to harvest the field filled with corn. about 50 men with tough exterior to are nothing but soft and mushy inside, farmers are dropping their own crops of the day to take up the field during fall harvest. you just want to help, you just want to make a bad situation a little bit better if you can. >> doing something like this helps you move on a little bit
9:40 pm
you are doing something good for a good friend. his body folded in half his chest over his lap and every breath was a desperate struggle when he got crushed. >> i just kept praying for someone to come along. >> an unannounced salesmen did come along who found him and his business partner pinned under the expensive machinery. he was
9:41 pm
taken to local hospital and lived, three surgeries in 222 stitches later miraculously there was not a broken bone in his body, clayton died instantly at his feet. they came as a tribute to clayton 25 trucks in 50 farmers the world in one by one to tackle the widespread field and pulled up 280 a. before it was too late all the while watching from his window was russell white in a wheelchair his grandchildren close by to witness at all. they quickly and methodically plowed along he harvested the colonel's and trucks hauled them away disbarment friends did it in four hours which would have
9:42 pm
taken him and his brother three weeks or more to do. we are glad to help. this is what our community and a lot of communities stand for. an emotional journey not only for russell and his family but for the farmers who did the only thing they knew how to do when one of their own was down. we need to take this into learn and
9:43 pm
grow from it. also will walk again watching his friends and fellow farmers harvest what could be the last crop was hard for him. i am in tears. how wonderful for them to do that indefinitely. coming up on halloween candy hasn't been devoured yet and already the signs of the holiday season is upon us when it comes to defense of the words oprah this season the bears are proving themselves.
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cool. you're not filming this, are you? aw! camera shy. snapshot from progressive. test-drive snapshot before you switch. visit today. halloween is over, let's talk christmas. cutting down this year's tree in prospect heights happened today. it will rai the daily plaza tomorrow night. it will be the 99th annual christmas tree lighting ceremony. the holiday season also touching macy's animated window displays. windows will
9:47 pm
bielebe unveiled on saturday. michael will go down there for christmas.micah will be going down there for christmas. i got your helpful hand. >> we have a nice day tomorrow we are actually five degrees warmer than we were 24 hours ago. sunshine it tonight and
9:48 pm
some cloud breaks in between. you have a degree warmth running up over our cool air producing clouds and again 80s in arkansas verse is the upper forties here in chicago. this is what bill did later next week there is a big trough development. mountain snows out west but a big warm up towards the following weekend at least for a couple of days we will
9:49 pm
cool off after that rather expeditiously. 50 tomorrow 49 saturday and 40 sunday and monday may be a spike up for a day on tuesday and cooler on wednesday and thursday ahead of what could be a pretty impressive warm-up for a couple of days remember we get sixties from this point forward so that is reason to be optimistic thanks for giving this to us tom. i had nothing to do with it that's mother nature. see you later. coming up doubles won their opener and they get one of their core players signed and charles stillman opens up about his life as a college football player dan roan is@xgpn
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>> i am trying to do my job i'm getting scared and up. >> another nfl dispense of award for the bears today. you could
9:53 pm
say the bears are sporting the best quarter tandem in the week some people might argue with that but you cannot deny what he has done this month the great effort against calvin johnson in this monday night game a couple of weeks ago and of course the back-to-back games of dallas and jacksonville he has done away more than the bears could have asked of him. i don't think recognition makes me a better player. i've been doing what i've been doing for a long time. at the end of the day i think that's the only thing that really matters. he is starting
9:54 pm
to see right now. at practice bryant or lacquer into julie's peppers took their normal thursdays off. their timing has been impeccable and the pressure of the one list. >> we have gone pressure all season long. there are seven or eight guys, a lot of them can cover. when i was leaving the
9:55 pm
united center taj gibson blew past me and ran into the bulls office saying they had to get assigned which they did four years and 38 million it was worth the wait the bulls are going to have taj one way or the other either a restricted free agent last summer or in long term but it's a lot cleaner for everybody to have it done now. taj is such a solid player the best they have off the bench taj is probably in cleveland tonight where the bulls play on friday glad to have the deal in hand because he didn't want to go through the negotiation process again. as it came down to security, it came down to knowing that you could take this or you could wait till next summer and go through all of this stressful thing right now over again this summer or you
9:56 pm
could go out there and play freely. the bulls are in cleveland tomorrow and the next five are back at the uc the cubs are making noises about resigning ryne dempster as a pre agent can shrek and kenny williams jr. and finally nobody in the bears' uniform has ever stripped more footballs ben tillman. he has been working on that for a long time. i graduated debt-free. not to offend anybody out there that had to do that to pay for college. the bears once did have
9:57 pm
a defensive back who was an exotic dancer in the off-season. his name was more recent douglass suite mo-dee. thank you dan. that's the news for this thursday night. so have you shared your time with us i am micah the tearmterre. the great week.
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